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Bounce Forward – Transition Towns Network -Webinar Feedback


The first was the one that clashed with our own TT meeting. Nevertheless worth watching as it puts a lot in context.

Led by Rob Hopkins, who started the Transition movement

“What is the context for the next 5 years of transition?”

Features Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall centre – starts with the science and sets everything in context. Really worth a look if energy is your area of interest.

Next was Nick Anim from TT Brixton, talking about diversity, BLM

Lastly, Eva Schonfeld – Transition Scotland Hub. She was talking of emotional and collective resilience. Conclusion, in brief – most of our current leadership in government, do not have it!

“2 Transition Telford members, attended a series of webinars exploring the future of Transition and sharing ideas and actions that have come from lockdown.  They were all brilliant and I urge you to have a listen.

They are all available on Youtube.  While we could not attend all or events they have been shared online, and will hopefully be shared further by other groups.

Speakers are Kevin Anderson – Prof of Energy and Climate Change.  Why the govts are failing catatrophically
Nick Anim – TT Brixton on diversity and inclusivity
Eva Schonveld from the Transition Scotland hub.”

The Webinar Playlist Click on This Link

All 4 Webinars, but below we highlight the two we attended.
What is: Reinventing and revaluing projects in changing times.

Join representatives from Crystal Palace Transition Town, Hythe Environmental Community Group and Transition Town Wellington to explore how their projects are adapting to recent events, to pandemics, and to the upsurge of concern around climate change. Chaired by Yaz Brien of Transition Network.

Expect tales of Libraries of Things, award-winning Food Markets, food gleaning projects, Repair Cafes and so much more. Prepare to marvel and what groups of motivated people can achieve.

Chaired by Yaz Brien of Transition Network.

What is: Thinking big and building networks to mobilise communities to rethink the future
197 views•Sep 10, 2020

Join representatives of Transition Kentish Town, Transition New Mills and Ealing Transition to hear how they are finding new and unexpected openings to work with their local councils in response to declarations of climate emergencies.

Listen out for tales of empty cafes transformed into community hubs for the imagination, community ‘What Next’ imagining events, and ambitious plans for decarbonisation by 2030.

Chaired by Hilary Jennings of Transition Town Tooting.

Transition Kentish Town:

Transition New Mills:

Ealing Transition:

Lobbied against the issue of
air quality – being under the flightpath of Heathrow


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