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John “Compost” Cossham delivers a short video on how he makes his leaf mould. This invaluable PEAT FREE garden alternative is not to be ignored.

Giving time for the leaves to break down is important, but if you have a section of the garden that you used for composting, or doesn’t grow much, now is a great time to start this sustainable ‘harvest’ that benefits us all, by NOT using peat in our gardens. Don’t be put off by the word Mould in leaf mould, as the ultimate product is a dark, soil like decomposed sweet smelling compost like that of a forest floor.

“’Compost John’ shows how to use autumn leaves to make a growing medium which doesn’t involve peat, which should not be used in horticulture any more. Peat is best left where it forms, as it sequesters carbon and helps reduce flooding downstream.
Video edited/created by Hazel Draper from ‘For Peat’s Sake’.”

‘Compost John’ lives a very low carbon lifestyle, campaigns on a wide range of issues and is a community activist, public speaker and writer.

Find out more about CompostJohn on his Facebook Page

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