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After the Floods – Transition Towns and Flooding – still a global issue

Wildfires photo from Pexels

There are so many suggestions and resources on flooding, how to manage water (we need to get away from this myth of ‘prevention and defence’. This article looks at some of the work carried out globally in conjunction with Transition Towns.

The media may not have covered this bit of history after this years wildfires in Australia but Transition Kenmore started looking at this 10 years ago, in 2010. While this may seem ironic. These extreme weather and other events are having more and more impact each year, wether floods, fires, drought, or this year extreme pests in form of swarms of locusts       And now we have Covid 19 on top. This post was drafted earlier in 2020

By June, we’d had a period of drought, followed by localised flash flooding.

No one knows how things will pan out for the rest of this year, or next weather wise, will our slight changes in habit of less driving, transport and flying make a difference? Will an increase in growing our own food make an impact?
Whatever happens we still need to treat water as a precious recourse and as some of us dig lawns, or add extra veg planters to our gardens, treating water with even more respect can’t be ignored. Will we as humans, make and keep those changes or go try to go back to As it Was?

I for one support TV gardener Joe Swift’s campaign to have good drainage IF you have a driveway, reclaim front gardens, an to slow water run off. If EVERYONE does it, there’s a chance to at least slow extreme weather events, and speed up recovery time.


Australia . Transition Town Kenmore District Blogspot. We are a group of locals concerned
about the twin challenges of climate change and resource depletion. We
are working to raise awareness of these issues and to promote practical

Transition Brockville. Brockville, a city in Canada, looks at various solutions and reports on flooding in the area.
Our Vision. Our local community becomes resilient and enjoys a collaborative, sustainable way of life both ecologically and economically.

Transition Taunton
Farming and Flooding – In 2014 Transition Transition Athelney held a presentation on the conflicts of agriculture and ecology in a time of climate instability.

Transition Town Langport
One of their many things they’ve organised includes river cleans

Transition Town Totnes
With talks about Flooding in Climate Change in 2014..  Totnes is often seen as the birthplace of the Transition Town movement. Looking at those historical talks you wonder what’s been done in the last 6 years across the country by those in power, with the resources that were known but not used.

The Transition Team in Stourbridge, doing river cleanups  on the River Stour, a bit of a smaller river than the Severn!

Many other groups from FOTH, to Greenpeace,   Extinction Rebellion as well as local groups keep campaigning, but without worldwide changes, floods, and other extreme weather events will continue and increase.
This years flooding in Ironbridge, Telford.

Floodplains need to serve their purpose

XR Telford, campaign on the Climate Crisis and ongoing work:

Transition Telford Is A Registered Charity And Part Of The Transition Towns Network.
We Are A Local Voluntarily Run Charity Taking Small Community Steps To Tackle Big Global Issues.
Explore Our Page For More Information On How You Can Help Us Achieve More.

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