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Green, but mostly white, WHY?

Exploring the perennial challenges of inclusion and diversity in environmental movements.
A Case Study of the Transition Movment
by Transition Town Brixton

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Free course on collaborative community organising


Ethnicity is widely acknowledged to be an important determinant in the harmful impacts of climate and ecological crises in space and time. Yet, a snapshot of environmental groups and organisations in the multicultural societies of Western countries such as the UK reveals a striking affliction of ‘diversity deficiency syndrome’. Why? How can prominent environmental movements and organisations address this long-standing problem?

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Free course on collaborative community organising
Following Nick Anims short two hour workshop exploring themes of
race, we have a longer course that we are offering Transition Group
members starting in January 2021.

This course involves a deeper exploration of how we understand power
and difference in our communities, and how we can organise our
Transition Groups to be more inclusive, or less exclusive, by building
alliances and partnerships with a more diverse range of groups. It will
help you understand the ways the system crises we are facing affect us
all differently, depending on our ethnicity, class or gender and how we
can successfully bridge these different experiences to build community
groups that are inclusive and socially just.

This course is free and for up to 2 members in your Transition Group.
Details and info here. Application deadline 16th December.


Transition Telford is a registered charity and part of the Transition Towns Network.
We are a local voluntarily run charity taking small community steps to tackle big global issues.
Explore our page for more information on how you can help us achieve more.

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