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Propagagtion – Seed Sowing with Charles Dowding

Charles is a UK based market gardener, who’s methods have been tested over many years. 
In particular his methods on seed sowing, and propagation are excellent, and certainly time saving.
In view of our Seedy Saturday Seed Swap this is a vid to get you started.
“Skills you need to make the most of your precious seeds and to elongate the growing season, through early sowing, overlapping crops and filling empty spaces at any time.
My tips cover where to sow, how to grow plants on and at what stage to set them in the ground. All with examples from my conservatory, greenhouse and garden at Homeacres, Somerset, U.K. Zone 8b climate.
My website https://www.charlesdowding.co.uk/ has time and money saving tips.”

Don’t be put off by the size of his garden if yours is small. He does have a full section for much small gardens and methods.

If you don’t have seed trays with cells ,reuse any food containers. Remember to make drainage holes and ensure that excess water doesn’t run off where you don’t want it to.

If you want more seed sowing info remember we have several previous posts on our website. Just use the search box.

 Propagation Video 2, First Sowings in February, is excellent as well, and Charles has huge number of free resources on the ‘No Dig’ methods of growing (they adapt well to many flowers as well as veg). 

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