Thinking of sowing – Slow down

Seeds will catch up in the warmer weather. The following is for Somerset! (so think a month later, here in Telford) Maybe your getting your seeds from Seedy Saturday, or maybe you’ve blitzed the seed catalogues and got too much in the garden centre! Tempting, isn’t it!

February is a date to consider, if you’re really eager.  To make the most of growing, try to get used to, if you have space, successional sowing. This will maximise crops (ie don’t sow the whole packet. Many seeds will catch up. That said if you have the space, many plants can manage being planted deep, including peas, many brassicas, and tomatoes, IF the outside temperature is warm enough and they have hardened off. And nowadays we never know what the weather might bring. In 2020 we had a chance of frost in May.

It can be hard to get your head around, but if you plan it well you’ll get maximum reward from your growing space. Make a note of when you sow, and when you need to sow again, if you can.
We don’t assume everyone has an acre, or even an allotment. Just focus on the food you like best, and there are plenty of resources online growing smaller plots (including the Small Garden videos on CD’s youtube channel)

You can always search TT’s website for previous growing and sowing tips. Just go to the main site and use the search box.
Are there any sites you find useful or think are worth a mention. Let us know:)

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