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A little update, and how our projects help

Transition Telford supporters are often discussing and promoting our projects on social media.

With Seedy Saturday , our first fundraiser event, in full swing, and for us a third year, its good to look back at how it helps the community, and look forward to how it continues to benefit.

This year we’ve had to go online. Previous years we’ve had plentiful visitors to our events, some new to sowing and growing, others out to swap and share, or just get a bargain for a donation. And we thank all those who’ve helped us so far this year!

But further afield several other seed swaps around the country have popped up, often from discussion on social media groups, where TT members are asked ‘How, do you do it’? And direction being given. We love to Network! 🙂

More recently questions on No Dig have arisen, again on social media, and we’ve been able to provide excellent examples and info, including ideas on funding, to a new community garden project, as well as the ‘Before and After’ photos of TT’s own Leegomery Community Garden project. 

So we’ve been able to share this project as far as Wyre, and maybe beyond! 


May be an image of brick wall and outdoors


May be an image of outdoors

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