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You can’t see the roots for the trees!

Unless you spend 40 years researching root structures!

Have you ever imagined that under your feet? The root system
The deeper the roots are, the more they will seek nutrients, sequester carbon and contribute to the fight against climate change. For example, tomatoes can have up to 7 feet of roots and lawns barely 1-2 inches of roots and use a lot of water. This is one reason to grow food, not lawn.
The photos come from the site of the University of Wageningue (Netherlands) which presents a collection of 1002 drawings, the result of 40 years of root system excavations conducted in Europe, mainly in Austria

The Full university library of over 1000 root images can be found here:

Due to Copyright laws we can’t embed show you any images, but the link is worth a look!

Original Article in Dutch

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