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Colossal amount” of greenhouse gases generated by PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic“colossal-amount”-greenhouse-gases-generated-ppe-supplied-nhs

A year on, and only now are has there been talk of ways of reusing some ‘single use’ PPE, such as face masks.  A YEAR!

  • Over 3 billion pieces of personal protective equipment were used between February and August 2020, resulting in over 106,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents 
  • Scenario modelling indicated that the carbon emissions of PPE could be reduced by 12% if PPE was manufactured in the UK, 10% by opting for reusable gowns and gloves, and 35% by maximal recycling.  
  • Reducing the amount of PPE used, such as using hand-washing instead of gloves, may have the greatest effect, cutting carbon emissions by 45%. 

    Click the link above to read the full article.

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