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WE NEED YOUR SEEDS! Our legendary seed swap is BACK in 2022

This years Seedy Saturday Seed swap falls on 26th Feb 2022 at Hollinswood and Randlay Parish Council Neighbourhood Centre.

TIME: 10 AM to 2 PM
Make a date! 

Seeds will include veg, including heritage/heirloom varieties as well as herbs, flowers. A selection of Seed Potatoes will also be available for a small fee per tuber.

Seedy Saturday is the first fundraiser for us and helps us grow. If you bring seeds you can swap seeds. If you can’t bring anything we suggest a small donation for seeds.

Last year we helped 6 local schools, many groups and individuals kickstart veg gardens, and shared many many flower seeds.

If you’ve ordered excess seeds online, got home saved seeds, part opened packets. ALL ARE GOOD! 

The best way is to bring seeds along on the day, but if you have excess seeds to swap and share or can’t make it. Contact Us.

More info to follow over the coming weeks:)

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