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What is Transition Streets

What is Transition Streets?

Transition Streets is a tried-and-tested, award-winning behaviour-change project to cut energy use, reduce carbon emissions, save money and strengthen your neighbourhood. The programme brings together small groups of neighbours and supports them with taking effective, practical, money-saving and carbon-reducing actions. These groups meet 7 times over a 3-4 month period with a practical handbook to make easy changes in all areas of life and understand the issues surrounding energy consumption, food, travel, waste and climate change. This explores what these changes mean for the individual, their family and their local community. Unlike most other group-based energy efficiency programmes, this is FREE at the point of delivery, groups are self-managing and consider ‘’what next’ options, so that groups can maintain momentum beyond the official programme.

Transition Streets was first set up by Transition Town Totnes (TTT) in 2009. In 2021, we are redeveloping the Transition Streets materials for an up to date programme in light of the dual challenges of the Climate Emergency and Covid-19 pandemic. The aim of Transition Streets is to empower communities to have a positive impact on the climate emergency through collective action and immediate practical tools. This not only allows for carbon and financial savings but creates a space for participants to learn about living more sustainably in response to the Climate Emergency while developing stronger social connections.

We see the Climate Emergency and the current social, political, and economic uncertainty as opportunities to increase personal and community well-being, expand our local economy and find more sustainable ways of living. 

Telford and Wrekin have consulted the borough about the Climate Change Plan and actions that need to happen, but the message to all those living and working in the borough has to be spread. We have Climate Champions, Street Champions, Health Champions – all initiatives from the council and they do a fantastic job. We see Transition Streets as a possible step up from this: getting whole streets engaged with making effective changes to their community.

If this sounds like something you could be involved in, please get in touch

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