Cycling and green transport, energy, Health

Electric Vehicles have a weight problem

Batteries are heavy, and they’re getting heavier.
It makes EVs pollute more than they need to, and be more deadly during
crashes. But there are solutions.

“A new op-ed in Nature looks at the weight of electric vehicles—and why it’s important to make them lighter. “What caught my eye in the announcement of the F-150 Lightning was just how heavy it was . . . and then, when looking more closely, just broadly how much heavier EVs are than their gas counterparts,” says coauthor Blake Shaffer, an assistant professor in the department of economics and school of public policy at the University of Calgary.”


“The authors also argue that electric vehicles aren’t the only answer to shrink the carbon footprint of transportation. “Going from a gas car to an electric car kind of preserves the current order,” says Shaffer. Road networks stay in place, and people continue their habit of driving. “The really big shift is to change how we get around,” he says. “That’s the concept of driving less—that’s about transit-oriented development, about more inner-city density, where walking and biking can be more convenient and more feasible, and more importantly, safer. . . . The best way to reduce the damages from driving is to drive less.””

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