Telford Repair Cafe – Saturday 25th June

10 AM Saturday at the Leegomery Community Centre
Come along and support your Local Repair Cafe 
Supporters of the Leegomery Community Garden will be around briefly to chat about the garden if you want:)
It’s looking LUSH.

Promoting sustainable and cost-effective methods of fixing your old items.
In June 2022, The Repair Cafe will be at Leegomery Community Centre.
If you’re local to Telford and need something fixed – come visit us!
We’re able to repair the following items:

  • – Electrical Appliances
  • – Tech
  • – Clothing
  • – Furniture
  • – Toys & Ornaments
  • – General Repairs

If the item you want repairing is not on the list above, get in touch and we’ll let you know if we can help.
On occasion, we have other services like:

  • – Book Swaps
  • – DVD/CD Swaps
  • – Household Item Swaps
  • – Clothing swaps
  • – Sewing workshops

You can find out when these services are available by keeping up to date with us on Facebook.
The Repair Cafe is a free service provided by a team of volunteers.
We don’t accept payment for items repaired, but we do take optional, pay what you’d like donations


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