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Welcome to Plastic Free July 2022

Plastic Free July Starts today!  CLICK Here to read the official post
Including Businesses and governments taking action, Choosing to refuse, 

Sharing Plastic Free July

Want to take the challenge further? Participants tell us our resources are helpful to share Plastic Free July with their communities, workplaces and schools.

31 Days of Plastic Free Choices calendar

Social tiles, logos and email signatures

Changemaker toolkit

STARTED 1st July! 😀 

There’s still so little progress, but small steps being taken to reduce plastic in our every day lives.
For example, I noticed, when travelling the M&S has replaced its ‘takeaway’ plastic cutlery with wooden/bamboo, with a notice that states ‘don’t take more than you need’.
Centre for Sustainable Healthcare has many blog entries on the reduction of Plastic Use in Health on its blog.



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