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Habitat Matters –

We think this is worth checking out, and may well be adding our sites to the map in the near future:)

The Campaign – Habitat Matters
Our ambition is to help protect ecosystems and habitats within urban and semi-urban environments. It is an ambitious plan but one we believe can make a difference.
The continual creep of urbananisation has had a huge and damaging effect on our nation’s nature and it’s ecological infrastructure, in particular through, fragmentation, degradation and loss of natural habitats.

Careful planning, design, construction and management of the urban built environment can help construct and support a diverse range of habitats, mitigating species decline and actively protecting, enhancing and creating diverse eco networks. Whilst also establishing a connection between us and nature for our collective prosperity.

The Habitat Matters programme connects and empowers people to improve the quality of our built environment and inspires the creation of long term, resilient, nature sensitive solutions. This is done through knowledge sharing, education and collaboration.

Habitat Site Mapping, webinars, resources and more click the link below


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