Food & sustainable production

How to plant Potatoes

This is the way we planted spuds down at Leegomery Community Garden last year, and we may do so again. Our crops were given to local residents.

Our only difference is that we used a dibber rather than a fork. So we thought we’d share this video of local gardener and plot holder and host of the Grow Your Own Life channel on youtube. Check out the other videos too! 

If you don’t have a garden, or a bed, you can grow potatoes in pots or bags

For other crops, we really recommend checking out Charles Dowding’s No Dig Sowing Guide.
Just remember we’re a few degrees NORTH of Somerset in the UK Here in Telford we’re in the equivalent of USDA zone 9a. Although most local gardeners will be  aware of some random pockets of microclimates within a few miles of each other.


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