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Not much growing in the community garden

Not much growing in the community garden. Is not a great comment, but it highlights perhaps peoples expectation of ‘fast food’ fresh veg, as in the supermarkets or ‘Instant Gardens’ as seen on TV,

We actually have plenty in the community garden, 3 fruit bushes, as well as gooseberries, perennial onions and more.

Herbs that can be harvested, leaves that can be used for teas, and rhubarb that can be made into MANY sweet & savoury dishes.

Most of our everyday veg is annual high intensity veg, such as peas, beans

As we near the 20th of May and Grow Local – our annual plant sale fundraiser, you can be sure that MANY plants will be heading for the community garden soon.

ANY gardener you talk to will tell you about this years cold spring (areas of frost in the UK on the day of writing this and lows of 5 overnight in Telford. These are NOT good for tender veg such as beans/courgettes & tomatoes etc that need warmth.

As climate changes, we need to look to adjust what we grow, growing fast growing, quick maturing varieties. Colder European countries can bring us heritage varieties that are better suited to the cold, and home saved seeds will gradually adapt to very localised climates over time. Perennial vegetables and the acceptance that many of our so called wild or ‘pest’ plants carry an answer to excellent nutritional intake. 

The garden has benefited 1000’s if  not more since its conception in 2019. The garden has grown in part as a need for access to healthy fresh veg in an unhealthy area of Telford. Ref 1

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