Transition Telford began in June 2012 and over the years we have engaged in several different projects, mainly around the the themes of energy, textiles and growing food. To find out more about Transition Towns in general scroll on down.

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Since February 2020 we have been meeting online using the Zoom platform and some public events have been cancelled due to covid.  See our blog and social media for updates. Newcomers are welcome at our online meetings, just contact us. Our meetings are held on the first Monday of each month. We are are always looking for volunteers and those interested to join us. Just get in touch.

Sustainable Food Production, more than just Gardening

Our most successful project is Grow Local – an annual  event in May which for the past 5 years has brought together local enthusiasts – both individuals and organisations, to share skills and information to help people grow their own food.  Grow Local is an Swap and Share, Pay by Donation plant sale and fundraiser.

In February we have a Seedy Saturday – a seed swap where people can bring saved seeds, seeds they have left over and swap for others that are on display.  We also have seed potatoes at very reasonable prices.   Next year 2022, we may have have tree seedlings  to offer, thanks to our partners at Climate Action Hub.  Seeds are FREE, we ask only for a donation or saved seeds.  We have helped local schools by donating seeds.

We have a permaculture group and a small permaculture garden at the Green wood Centre in the historic Ironbridge Gorge which we hope will form the basis of a free food trail in the area.
In late 2019 we created a Community Garden in Leegomery, after receiving grants, and donations. The progress and feedback has been excellent.

In 2019 we held our first Harvest Local as a third event.  An event celebrating the end of the growing season by giving away excess veg and fruit, selling jams and chutneys. Repeated this year 2021,as a reduced format due to Covid19 restrictions.  Transition Telford networks and shares resources and information with many other local organisations that share similar objectives.  In 2021 we teamed up with the Repair Cafe.

Seedy Saturday, Grow Local and Harvest local are repeated annually, and we’ve continued to adapt to Covid to ensure we could still run these events.

Bikes and transport We are also hoping to research possible, and hopefully feasible improvements to bike tracks, routes, and related facilities , which are currently inadequate, within Telford . This started as a project in late early 2020. Cycling is the greenest form of transport adding social yield per mile per person. Other UK transition groups have successfully improved cycling in their town and we are inspired to try this for ourselves.

Our current energy project focusses on EV (Electric Vehicle)  charging points, and green transport, but in the past we have helped a local community obtain a grant to improve the insulation of their building and put solar panels on their roof.

Transition Network is active throughout the UK and across the world: listen to the Blizzard of Stories, (link below) to inspire, excite and encourage you to join us and make some changes!

The following links open in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VhDusGeTCg&list=PLzYHfM4__lhlSHeoZiRxcsOnRSBcs0ie6&index=16

Transition Telford is a registered charity and part of the Transition Towns Network. We are a local voluntarily run charity taking small community steps to tackle big global issues. Explore our website for more information on how you can help us achieve more.

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