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30 years before Greta –

As predicted extremes in temperature arrive earlier than expected.30 years ago, before Greta and Extintion Rebellion hit the headlines, there was the speech of Severn Cullis-Suzuki.Severn Cullis-Suzuki’s made this speech to the UN in 1992. Its now close to 50 years since the first alarm bells were rung regarding the risks of climate change. Nearly… Continue reading 30 years before Greta –

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Carbon Choices – Guest Blog

My Electric Vehicle AdventuresExciting news. I bought a second-hand electric vehicle (EV). A big expense. Was it worth it? I finally took the plunge and splashed out on a 2019 second-hand all electric Nissan Leaf. My head was spinning. Will it work? Where do I charge it? How do I charge it? How do I… Continue reading Carbon Choices – Guest Blog

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Will you replace one box on wheels with another?

There’s no doubt that electric cars, vans and bikes are coming, and being heavily promoted, and yes will reduce carbon emissions in the long run.However for shorter trips they won’t. Tyres will continue to pollute waterways/air and soil, and without a big push ALONGSIDE the EV transport revolution for wheeling and walking. Without a massive… Continue reading Will you replace one box on wheels with another?

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You are invited to attend our  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  MONDAY   11th July, 7.00pm   at the – Cock Hotel, Holyhead Rd, Wellington TF1 2DL We will be on the ground floor in The Grill Room Find the venue on Facebook: Contact the venue 01952454391 Contact Transition Telford to receive the agenda if you… Continue reading ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – 11th July

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Futurebuild Final of 3 Webinars

REGISTER FOR TOMORROW 22nd JuneThe industry needs to undergo radical change to achieve net-zero and respond to the climate emergency – how should that happen?We have been set the goals – energy efficiency improvements to all buildings by 2030 and net zero carbon emissions by 2050, requiring a 12% reduction in heat demand every year… Continue reading Futurebuild Final of 3 Webinars