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Cost-effective Passivhaus

Passivhaus often requires additional costs for materials, labour and design and certification but this uplift is usually now less than 8%, when factoring in other savings through reduced heating equipment need and economies of scale. This uplift is more than repaid through long-term energy bill savings and whole life costs. In the face of escalating… Continue reading Cost-effective Passivhaus

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Yuck – Lets talk about Black Friday

The UK has ‘adopted' Black Friday with vigour, like most trends, often consumer trends, that swap from America to the UK, or back. Or anywhere in the world, social media (which can be a fantastic tool) and the ‘need for greed’ has led us to a place where many now avoid what is supposed to… Continue reading Yuck – Lets talk about Black Friday

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Can we, should we, buy less stuff?

A short question that is not easy to answer. Here I discuss if, and how, we can reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ we buy and consume and argue that we should campaign to promote a better quality of life. This is an EXERPT FROM CARBON CHOICES CLICK to read the full blog. It is relatively… Continue reading Can we, should we, buy less stuff?

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The Retrofit House

James Cash takes a closer look at a project in northeast London that has become a textbook example for retrofitting cold and leaky older buildings The race is on to dramatically reduce carbon emissions across the UK. When the government pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 68% by the end of 2030 – with… Continue reading The Retrofit House

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Futurebuild Final of 3 Webinars

REGISTER FOR TOMORROW 22nd JuneThe industry needs to undergo radical change to achieve net-zero and respond to the climate emergency – how should that happen?We have been set the goals – energy efficiency improvements to all buildings by 2030 and net zero carbon emissions by 2050, requiring a 12% reduction in heat demand every year… Continue reading Futurebuild Final of 3 Webinars