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The Big Compost Experiment – Take Part Today

The BIG Compost Experiment“About The ExperimentWe would like you to help us investigate the role and effectiveness of biodegradable and compostable packaging. The first partof the experiment is a short survey: We want to know what you think of biodegradable plastics, what you do with them, and if you ever compost them yourself. If you… Continue reading The Big Compost Experiment – Take Part Today

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Carbon Choices – a book to consider

Carbon Choices - the common sense solutions to our climate and nature crises Geographer and energy specialist Neil Kitching has published Carbon Choices on the common-sense solutions to our climate and nature crises.  Here Neil outlines five common-sense principles to tackle climate change and considers the community and social implications of the changes that are required.… Continue reading Carbon Choices – a book to consider

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You can’t see the roots for the trees!

Unless you spend 40 years researching root structures!Have you ever imagined that under your feet? The root systemThe deeper the roots are, the more they will seek nutrients, sequester carbon and contribute to the fight against climate change. For example, tomatoes can have up to 7 feet of roots and lawns barely 1-2 inches of… Continue reading You can’t see the roots for the trees!

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Spring Cuttings – Free Plants

Source: spring doesn’t start, officially until 20th March, if you have a sheltered outdoor space, cold frame, mini greenhouse or somewhere frost free (but ideally not indoors, as it tends to be too warm) Even a shed will or cold garage will do as plants will root in the dark, as long as its not… Continue reading Spring Cuttings – Free Plants