Pesticide Free Telford

WHY PESTICIDE FREE? – We think Telford Could Go Pesticide Free and it’s easy to make changes in your garden.

Many towns have chosen to go Pesticide Free – the How To information is easily obtained.

Resources for Councils, Gardeners and Campaigners alike can be found here:

The need to reduce our dependancy on pesticides, and the benefits of biodiversity are much documented.
In our homes, gardens, and even towns pesticides should be seen as a last resort rather than an easy fix.
Most of us have heard of the plight of bees, and other vital pollinators linked to pesticide use.

It’s also money saving, and much much better for the environment.

If you wish to argue that Telford is ’Too Big’ read the list of towns and cities that are pesticide free – or are in the process of phasing out their usage of pesticides: Click Here 
While we can’t control what comes in from external sources, Transition Telford avoids the use of chemical weed & pest control in the community gardens. Creating a biodiverse garden that self regulates.
We use mulching and soil improvement to make weeding easier, and many weeds are really wildflowers, just ’not quite in the right place’ for for growing what humans prefer to eat! And even some weeds are edible such as Dandelion & Sticky Weed.
We don’t want ‘pesticides on a plate’

Theres no point planting wildflowers if your going to spray your veg/rosebushes or grass with bug & weedkiller! 

A few blackly, or aphids, the ladybirds & larvae will feast 
Visiting blackbirds & robins are excellent slug & grub controllers too! 

In 2021  Transition Telford attended a number of workshops Hosted by PAN UK – Promoting safe and sustainable alternatives to hazardous pesticides. These can all be watched online  (click the links below)with a full list of speakers and participants.

Reassembling our Cities
Creating pesticide-free urban spaces for people, plants and wildlife

Our Resilient Neighbours
Celebrating the plants on our streets

Space for Us All

Sharing our cities with urban wildlife 

Connecting Communities
Bringing people together through gardening

Abundant Green Networks

Reimagining our urban spaces

Growing your own cut flowers is the current trend – and this is a real reason why its a brilliant idea. Or buy British.

Cut flowers are often sprayed with far higher levels of pesticides than would ever be permitted on food. In the UK we spend 2.2 Billion on cut flowers each year.

Roots ~ Where Do Cut Flowers Come From? [animated mini doc]
“This animated campaigns film takes a look at where our flowers come from, how they are grown, and the effects that this industry is having on workers and the environment.”

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