Seed Swap Online 2021 by Transition Telford

Seedy Saturday 2021 goes almost, entirely online

UPDATE WE STILL HAVE PLENTY OF SEEDS and the database remains online. So please do get in touch. As we wind down a little we hope we can see you in May for GROW LOCAL 2021! 

Telford Seed Swap
2021 by post and online

Funding for this event is supported with a grant via the  Transition Network. TransitionNetwork Logo Black
From the National Lottery Community FundDigital white background


You can see the database of seeds available via this link. Click to View File.  You may request any but be aware, we are a voluntary organisation and do not have endless stock. If you have no seeds to swap, please make a donation if you want seeds, see below on how to donate 

We Need Your Seeds. Any opened or un opened or home saved seeds. Scroll on to find out how to donate or share them.

With your request we will need the following: 





HOW MUCH AND HOW YOU ARE DONATING (this simply for our records)

Would you consider saving seeds for next year? Yes/no

Please include a large SAE (see notes on postage below)

Please, send your requests by the 15th February. The seeds will be sorted and posted throughout February, to  early March. Contact us via email at

Alternatively you can fill in your details online CLICK HERE This will take you to an online form. 


Please donate any spare seeds, either bought or home saved. Pack them in small quantities suitable for one garden for one year and label them with type, variety and how they were saved. Plain paper envelopes are best for packing, as they compost. See other info for SENDING!

​If you have saved or unused seeds you would like to swap or donate, there will be a number of “drop off” points throughout Telford. Click on the map below or read on.
You can either post them through the door (don’t knock) OR email the information to us at

Drop of Point 1
Post to or drop off
78 Halifax Drive, Leegomery, TF1 6XS  or other links on the map. Look for the green circles.

Drop of point 2
Glencarron, Holly Road, Little Dawley, TF43HA

Place Seeds in Blue Cool  Box by front Door if you wish to donate to this years Seedy Saturday!

Drop off point 3
The Hollies
Main Road, Ketley Bank
Leave in Box in Porch

Drop of point 4.
22 Woodhouse Lane
Horsehay TF4 3BL

Drop of point 5
8 Shakespeare Way
Sutton Heights}TF7 4JX
Leave in Meter Cupboard

Drop of point 6
7 School Rd, Coalbrookdale, Telford TF8 7DZ

Drop of point 7
4 Hillside access from Belmont road opposite 1&2. TF8 7QT – Access through black gate at the side of garage displaying a poster, for seed drop off:
Seed Drop-off. Deposit seeds in bin painted with blue flowers accessed just through the gate.

Add your sharing and collection location to our map (no need to put a full name)

HOW MANY STAMPS YOU NEED TO USE The number of stamps you will need to use depends on what kind of seeds and how many you would like. 10 packets small seeds, a standard size letter and stamp should be adequate Please be generous with envelope size and postage, if you send a postcard sized envelope and request 10 packets or any peas and beans there will not be room. If you want runner beans, peas or more than one type of french bean or sweetpea, or more than 10 small seeded varieties, please send us a pre-stamped envelope with a large letter stamp or equivalent stamp value If you are asking for large seeds ( beans, peas,…) we advise to use a padded envelope, to avoid spliting in the post.

Stamp prices from the 1st of January 2021: standard 2nd £0.66 / standard 1st £0.85 / large up to 100g 2nd £0.96 / large up to 100g 1st £1.29
You can purchase stamps online with online shopping, at many shops, or print your own postage buy stamps via The Post Office

DONATIONS. Please consider putting a spare stamp or a cheque in the envelope as a donation. ( Donations are only if you can afford it, and have not been able to donate seeds in exchange) Your donations will be used to help fund further seed swaps and go towards any other events this year. If you are skint and want to ‘give back’ please learn a bit about seed saving and donate seeds next year.

You can donate online via Givey & we may be adding other methods such as Facebook fundraising and Paypal to our social media pages. We use Givey as all funds go to us. As a charity we think Givey is a great thing

We will hopefully be adding an online form to make it easier to give your information, however this will not include the donation options
This is provided free via google.

Thumbnail IMG 1880

Seeds being prepared to swap this year.


The Swap at a previous Seedy Saturday, when we were allowed to meet!


The idea of going online for Seedy Saturday came from
Bristol Seed Swap

For any queries please Contact Us

Transition Telford is a registered charity and part of the Transition Towns Network.
We are a local voluntarily run charity taking small community steps to tackle big global issues.
Explore our page for more information on how you can help us achieve more.

Please like and share us on social media and help us grow. Follow us on on social media.
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Reg Charity 1166228

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